Attempts at perfection are destined to fail. Wouter Kalis embraces the impossibility of perfection in human execution.
In his abstract minimalist work, visual artist Wouter Kalis steers away from meaning. Horizontal lines of contrasting colors are placed on canvas or paper and one line dictates the placing of the next. However, each attempt at perfection ends in failure. Crooked lines, dripping paint. These mistakes have now become the signature of his work and contribute to the depth of content.
Digital representations of minimalist art can be executed to perfection but are less interesting to look at. Kalis is the artistic collaboration between artist Wouter Kalis and his son, software engineer Rosco Kalis, to recreate the human touch in digital art, the imperfection.
Wouter Kalis has a background as a visual artist. He went to Art School at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam from 1995-1999. Since graduating from the Free Media department he has been working as an artist for many years.
In 2006 he was awarded with the Dutch Royal Painting Prize, handed out by Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.
In the last decade he has also shifted to object and furniture design, under the label MIN-studio. These designs were shown in i.a. Milan, New York, London and Amsterdam.
Rosco Kalis is a software engineer and the co-founder of Chaingrep (YC W22), a company working on making blockchain transactions insightful for regular people. Previously, he contracted for Truffle and other companies in the crypto space.
He also maintains several of his own open source projects and developer tools including
He has been active in different cryptocurrency and NFT communities since 2017 and has spoken at multiple conferences including TruffleCon and EthCC.